El-Branden Brazil

Photographer, Writer & Mystic Traveller

Borobudur At Dawn & Dusk, Indonesia

Just rediscovered images I took back in 2009, when I visited Borobudur twice. The first time was in the evening and the second time was at dawn. At that time, I was using a Canon EOS 40D, which was nowhere near the quality of my present cameras. Anyhow, compositionally, I think they are rather nice images of a fascinating place. I need to return to Java again to revisit Borobudur and Mount Bromo.

Borobudur At Dawn

Borobudur In The Evening, Indonesia

Borobudur Twilight

Borobudur At Dawn
Photography by El-Branden Brazil

One Response to “Borobudur At Dawn & Dusk, Indonesia”

  1. Eric Vose

    Extraordinary! I’m pretty sure you took these photos in an astral region during your meditation! Just wonderful. As always, Thank you!


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