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Mysterious Silbury Hill, Wiltshire

Mysterious Silbury Hill, Wiltshire
Photography by El-Branden Brazil

Silbury Hill, located in Wiltshire, England, is the largest man-made mound in Europe, built approximately 2,400 BC, during the Neolithic period. It is a part of the Avebury Stone Circle complex. Its purpose has been lost to time, but archaeologists continue to speculate. It obviously had an important role for the culture of the people at the time.

It is an immense, mysterious and romantic place, that invokes the primeval and magical in all who visit it.

Burmese Monks Distracted By Modern Technology

In 2012, mobile phones had started to become widely available in Burma. I remember being very surprised at seeing monks obsessed with their mobile phones, as this photo demonstrates.
Burmese Monks Distracted By Modern Technology

Jump to 2016, smart phones are now everywhere. Within just one year, there was a 50% increase in the number of smart phone subscribers in Burma. It is progress, but I can’t help but feel that something has been lost.

Buddhism & The Modern Age, Burma
Photography by El-Branden Brazil