The Transition Of Seasons

Autumn Paints Its Mood At A Zen Temple
Photography by El-Branden Brazil

Summers in Tokyo are extremely hot and humid. To the surprise of people outside of Japan, the temperatures here, match those in Bangkok and other tropical capitals. Japanese people often complain about the heat, but for me it beats the hell out of the British summer weather, and certainly I can live with the humidity over Winter’s chilly grip.

Unfortunately, Summer is now retreating, and the sound of the insects will also fade away shortly. The trees will change into their glorious red, orange and yellow spectacle, and then Winter will once again bring its misery upon me.

I wish that I could embrace Winter’s charms like other people, but I cannot: Skiing? Most definitely not. Christmas tackiness? Oh, God no! Snuggling up by a fire? Nah, I would prefer to be in the tropics. Spring cannot come soon enough.

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