El-Branden Brazil

Photographer, Writer & Mystic Traveller

A Teaching By Zen Master Jinen

I am immensely blessed to have Jinen-san be my Zen Master.  This video was filmed back in 2010 with a cheap video camera, so I apologise for the poor audio quality.  Subtitles are also available if you click CC. I am planning to shoot a new interview with Jinen-san soon.



Film & Photography by El-Branden Brazil

12 Responses to “A Teaching By Zen Master Jinen”

  1. Igor

    I am very grateful to you for this wonderful video and photo! I practice Zen, but I have no teacher. Please tell me whether there is an opportunity to correspond with your teacher. If not a secret where he lives and whether there is an opportunity to come to him? I would be very grateful. Thank you again!

      • Henry Stradford

        I’m interested as well Branden. Where does he live and practice?

      • Henry Stradford

        I saw Iruma-shi at the end of the video. Is that the Iruma near Tokyo. I live about a 30 minute drive from Iruma-shi.

      • Igor

        I haven’t received any letters. May you repeat it, please.

  2. Jose

    Dear El Branden Brazil,
    Hi, I would like to get contact with Jinen Master Zen. Please, could you send me his email adress?
    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,


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