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Reality Insecurities

The following two poems were written in 1998.  The second poem, Alternative Realities, is an abridged version of the first. The painting, Birdman, was also created in 1998.


The Aria ascended –
Claiming Rights and Giving Honour
To my Visions and Conjectures
In all its graceful turns:
Its pitches, its rises, its fluctuating rhymes –
Bound my mind from doing painful solemn time.

And yet, how foolish is my mind
That I can think I know
Not what is out beyond the hills,
But what lies out beyond the eye?

Reality twists from back and forth
In its cylindrical, distant tangled webs,
While the River flows, tingles, ebbs
So quietly on beyond all sense.

– El-Branden Brazil


Fluctuating Rhymes –
their time,
their signs.

My mind I know –
the hills,
the eye,
and forth
the webs of their deceit.

And forth and forth
the distant river soars.
And forth and forth
until there is no more.

– El-Branden Brazil 

Bird Man

Painting by El-Branden Brazil

Knowing Truth

Wouldn’t it be spectacular to step beyond faith, speculation, cultural indoctrination, hearsay, imagination, fantasy, convenience and lies, so as to really know what ABSOLUTE TRUTH is? To truly know what lies beyond the universe? Is the universe a construct of our minds? Do we live in a holographic universe? What is the purpose of the universe? Is there life after death? What is time? Does God need to exist? Is it all but a simulation? If so, who built the simulation? Is there no purpose to anything? Is ultimate reality inherently empty? Does intelligence exist elsewhere? How is consciousness possible? What is the mind? What are we? What am I?

…to know if the dream is a dream.

Photography by El-Branden Brazil

Photography by El-Branden Brazil