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The Beauty To Be Found Nearby

I got rather melancholic about our present times and the fact that I can’t travel, so I decided to head out for my regular hike in the lovely park nearby, in Tokyo, just as sunset was coming. Nature is magnificent wherever you are!

Photography by El-Branden Brazil

Against The Flow

Humans have to get over the mistaken, ego-centric belief that we are invincible. Nature permits us the right to live, but equally, could snuff us out in a wink.

There are processes going on far greater than ourselves, and by not flowing within the parameters of these processes, we have become an irritant. We are dirt in the cogs, and as a result, we have harmed our planet and we are harming ourselves, because of our myopic shortcomings.

Fishing Near Lake Inle, Burma
Fishing Near Lake Inle
Photography by El-Branden Brazil