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The Times We Live

We live in extremely dangerous times, where elementary wisdom seems to be lost. It doesn’t matter if you are religious, spiritual or atheistic. We can all agree that certain social mindsets are beneficial to the majority.

Hate, disharmony and war bring nothing positive to the human condition. They create destruction and harm that linger for decades beyond. It is only through acts of love, understanding and compassion, even to those we are conditioned to distrust, that social progress is bound to manifest. In Buddhism, it is taught that we see all sentient beings as our mothers. Only through exemplifying these qualities can we hope to lead others to see the benefits and to bring about profound, positive social changes.

This is not hokey boloney! Of course, there will always be contrasting positions and conflicts of ideology. But, how we choose to deal with such differences is up to us. The military option is not always the right option. More often than not, it exacerbates disputes and causes far greater disharmony and suffering.

We cannot rely upon our leaders to lead correctly, so we must all contribute by being positive forces for good in the world, regardless of our positions in society. We might just be a splash individually, but together we can be an ocean of change.

Zen Tranquility At Engakuji Temple, Kamakura
Photography & Words by El-Branden Brazil

The Art Of Tolerance

I call myself a Buddhist, but I believe that such labels are irrelevant. I cannot be certain, but I like to believe that Christ was a Buddha, although he was not a Buddhist.

The reality is that such labels only divide us in our mutual search for Truth. Calling yourself a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jain, Pagan, Buddhist, Atheist, Agnostic… whatever, does not give you the privilege to Truth alone. To investigate reality, we must first engage with it, looking beyond the preconceived, conditioned cultures we are indoctrinated into. We must step out of the comfort zones we inhabit, open our minds and embrace the possibility that we might well be wrong. Just search, question and seek absolute truths, even if you never find them, because they do exist.

Surely, whilst we may ALL be wrong in what we believe in, the least we can do, in this vast, unanswered moment in space and time, is to hug and love our brothers and sisters of different faith. Our faiths might be unprovable, but LOVE AND COMPASSION ARE ABSOLUTE, because we have all seen the results they bring. The abstract dimensions of faith should be less of a priority, whilst the direct actions of love and compassion amplified, because, regardless of faith, these are qualities that bring positive effects to all.

Photography by El-Branden Brazil

To Love

To be mindful of others

To treasure, respect and worship others:
The distant brothers and sisters
We pass everyday.

Each and everyone of them
A story at play
Of love and disappointments,
Hopes and pleasures,
Hardship and despair.

They, like you,
Have experienced life:
The love of parenthood,
The love of feeling praised.
The love found in suffering.
The love of losing ones.

We, as humans, just want to breathe,
And look out upon the stars,


Love those we bring to bear.

Love those who inevitably cross the threshold.

Be sacred in experiencing
Our brief moment of existence
Love, love, love…
Because that is All
And nothing more.

Words by El-Branden Brazil

Photography by El-Branden Brazil

Photography by El-Branden Brazil